Things you Know To Setup Business in Dubai

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Name Check & Business Activity Selection. 

Name check is normally done before submission of the company’s documents for incorporation. This is to check the availability of your proposed company name and if it is allowed by the Authority. In addition, the business activity should reflect to the name of your company. For example: if your company is into Trading then the company name must include the word “trading” in the company name. 

Selection of Local Partner or service agent

A UAE local company needs to have a UAE national as 51% partner in some trading companies.  IN professional Companies, they act as service agent where in they do not have ownership but are still responsible for the immigration and labour permits

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Apply for Approval of the company

The activity as well as the name is then approved by the relevant authority.  NOC will also be required if the activity relates to some special industry or needs some special qualification or experience.  Passport copies of the owners have to be submitted

Preparation of Court agreement and MOA:

Memorandum of the Company and agreements between the UAE national and expatriate partners have been to be notarized in court. This will also indicate the profit sharing ratios, the powers of the partner, the share capital of the company and other details.

Get office space and tenancy

Office needs to be rented after initial approval, the tenancy agreement also has to be attested by ejari.

Payment can be done by cash or telegraphic transfer, depending on the authority

Types of Free Zones

DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre)

Established in 2002 Dubai Multi Commodity Centre (previously called Dubai Metals & Commodity Centre) is one of the emirates Free Zone. It became the Dubai government advanced initiative aimed to create a commodity market in the emirate.

The DMCC free zone business licenses:

  • Industrial License.
  • Services License.
  • Trading License.

DMCC is located close to the airport and the port of Jebel Ali thus it has an excellent air and sea links and this advantage greatly simplifies doing business.

Dubai Multi Commodities Center primarily designed for companies that work with the following types of products: gold, diamonds, pearls, cotton, tea as well as finance, real estate. In addition, companies providing related services, such as shops, restaurants, hair and beauty salon etc may be also registered on the territory of FEZ.

Dubai Internet City (DIC)

This business community focuses on technology and innovation that can help your business

Dubai Outsource City (DOC)

Supports Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), HR Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing, back office and call center operations. DOC provides comprehensive, purpose-built infrastructure for companies who want to establish themselves within an UAE free zone.

Dubai Media City (DMC)

If your business is into advertising or media support, Dubai Media City is best free zone that will suit your business. DMC offers media companies and independent media professionals a pro-business environment which enables them to operate with collective interaction and freedom while enjoying free zone benefits.

Dubai Studio City (DSC)

This free zone provides an excellent facility for TV and film production companies with the right combination of strategic infrastructure, capacity pool and a dynamic business environment to support the growth of your business.

International Media Production Zone (IMPZ)

A business community that supports the growth and development of global publishing, printing and packaging.

Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV)

A free zone community that provides excellent training institutes and recruitment consultancy.

Dubai International Academic City (DIAC)

Dubai International Academic City helps UAE in providing the best academic institutions that offers international accredited courses.

Dubai Science Park (DSP)

This is the first Free zone community that is dedicated in supporting scientific entrepreneurs.

Dubai Design District (D3)

D3 serves as a community of creative thinkers as it provides the best location for the best design thinkers in UAE.

TECOM business communities make a significant contribution to Dubai’s business landscape, opening up new industries and accelerating established market growth.


Since 2006, Government of Dubai has been working to build a city – Dubai South – that will lead the rest of the emirates in symbolizing the societal themes required for facilitation of happiness. It is a free economic zone to support number of business activities including logistics, aviation, commercial, exhibition, humanitarian, residential and other related business around Al Maktoum International Airport.

One of the leading features of Dubai South is the logistics corridor, which is an essential part of their value proposition. Dubai South is directly linked to the Jebel Ali port via this logistics corridor, which means businesses have access to the sea port and airport, all within the freezone without the need to import or export. The main benefits of Dubai South specially for logistic company is significantly reduces costs and time.

Dubai South Business licenses:

  • Industrial License
  • Services License
  • Trading License

Advantages of using Dubai South:

  • 100% tax-free operations
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Zero corporate tax
  • Сommercial buildings
  • Flexible commercial leases
  • Competitive rates
  • Easy access to Al Maktoum International Airport
  • Easy access to a dedicated airport-seaport corridor allowing movement of cargo from port to airport in 20 minutes
Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis is a Free Trade Zone in Dubai (abbreviation DSO). It was designed under the patronage of Dubai government in 2004 as a part of the project on development of Dubai economic in scientific and technical direction.The free zone is situated alongside of International city and the Emirates road.

DSO free Economic Zone is primarily designed for companies operating in the following industries: IT, engineering, mobile and high technology, software and others. In addition, companies providing associated services may also be licensed on the territory of DSO such as consultants, financial and law institutions etc.

Dubai Silicon Oasis offers a structure that collects in one place everything necessary for work and development of companies in the field of new technologies: office premises, land parcels for construction, convention halls, multipurpose warehouses for storage and production. All constructions on the territory of FEZ were built on the principle of environmental security.

DSO licenses types:

  • Industrial License;
  • Trading License;
  • Special license (for new entrepreneurs and companies registered in the Economic Department of Dubai);
  • Service License.
DAFZA (Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority)

Dubai Airport Free Zone (abbreviated DAFZA) is a Free Economic Zone at Dubai International Airport. It was founded in 1996 by the Government of Dubai. There are different areas located within its territory: aviation, shipping, IT-technology, pharmaceuticals, logistics, fashion products, accessories for mobile phones and many others.

DAFZA customers offers

  • On-line services (resident visas registration and renewal, ID-cards, licenses, etc.)
  • Department of Information Technology.
  • Customs and customs clearance services open 24 hours.
  • Ready open-plan space for offices size from 50 sq m.
  • Premises area of 350 square meters for light industry (apart from that they can be used for other purposes).
  • Ground area size of two and a half square kilometers for rent for 15 years for the construction of any buildings
  • In addition, on the territory of the free economic zone you can find modern business center, a post office, restaurants, beauty parlor, med clinic, parking, banks representatives offices, coffee shops, tourist agency, etc.

DAFZA licenses types:

  • Service License.
  • Trading License (export, import, distribution, storage of specific goods).
  • Industrial License (light and processing industry assembly and packing).
JAFZA (Jebel Ali Free zone Authority)

Jebel Ali Free Zone was founded in 1985 and today it is one of the biggest ones in UAE. On the territory of Jebel Ali is located a big sea port and international airport. JAFZA focuses on long-term relationships and tries to attract major investors, providing them with superior infrastructure and essential services

The Advantages of Jebel Ali Free Zone
  • The company is owned by the investor fully;
  • The company has exemption from taxes for a period of 50 years;
  • There is no restriction for transfer of capital;
  • 0% tax on imports and re-exports;
  • 0% income tax.
DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre)

Established on 2004, DIFC is one of Dubai’s independent free-zones, which means it offers companies 100% ownership without the need for a local partner. The district is governed by a common-law framework distinct from the UAE legal system with laws and regulations issued in English.


AFZA (Ajman Free Zone authority)

AFZA (Ajman Free Zone authority)

The freezone is conveniently located for both markets, eastern and western. It is situated near the port of Ajman, which serves more than 1,000 ships a year and today it is the central marine knot with twelve berths, indoor and outdoor warehouses. The port of Ajman is equipped with the latest facilities and world-level infrastructure and it is constantly expanding.

In order to attract foreign business and investment, develop international trade and promote productive activities the liberal economic environment was created in the area. Special attention is paid to the interests and needs of med-sized and small companies.

Unique features

This free zone offers all the facilities which can be found in other free economic zones and on top of this it provides investors with unique features such as:

  • 100% capital repayment and 100% foreign involvement.
  • No income and corporate taxes.
  • The most economical system of wages and easily accessible workforce.
  • World level infrastructure.
  • Affordable energy.
  • Total relief from export and import duties.
  • Complete exemption from payment for services and fees.
  • Very low charges.
  • 20 years agreement with possibility of renewal to another 20 years with a warranty of 40 years tax and customs free operations.
  • Moderate rent prices.
  • The most favorable tariffs in the area.

These conditions have affected the unprecedented growth in size of this free zone in the past year and investors from all over the world seek to obtain the greatest benefit from their capital allocation in Ajman.

SAIF Zone (Sharjah Airport International Free Zone)

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF-Zone) is one of the best alternatives for commercial enterprises in the UAE and abroad. The Free zone is situated at the crossroads of main highways linking West and East, in the emirate of the same name and it has access to the Arabian Gulf. Besides there, is an outlet to the Indian Ocean and such location makes it very attractive for business doing.

Since the establishment of the Zone in 1995, there are more than 13,000 companies registered in the region.

SAIF-Zone offers

  1. Immense transport connections (land, sea and air) with access to large amount of consumers across the subcontinental Asia, CIS, Africa, the Mediterranean world, GCC, and Europe;
  2. Ready warehouses of various sizes, the possibility of temporary storage, ground rent for the free development, as well as many other functions;
  3. Modern well-equipped premises which meet safety environment requirements and provide good working conditions for investors;
  4. The absence of bureaucratic red tape, fast and efficient business environment;
  5. Affordable energy;
  6. 24-hour hotline to order the equipment and workforce;
  7. Sponsorship and visas for all employees;
  8. International air traffic all over the world through the international airport of Sharjah.
UAQFTZ (Umm al Quwain Free Trade zone)

Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone (UAQ FTZ) is located in Umm Al Quwain, a friendly, advanced and successful emirate with modern infrastructure. Well-known for its desert landscape and unique natural environment, it is also a popular leisure destination within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is located just 45km from Dubai.

Umm Al Quwain’s stable economy, open investment climate and low costs of living and labor make it a strategic business base with the MENA region, Subcontinent, Far East and European markets all within easy reach.

UAQFTZ Business licenses:

  • Commercial License
  • General Trading License
  • Consultancy License
  • Industrial License
  • Services License
  • Freelance Permit

Advantages of using UAQFTZ:

  • 0% corporate and personal tax
  • 100% company ownership
  • Full range of business activities permitted
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • No currency restrictions
  • 100% import and export tax exemption within the Free Zone
  • Simple and fast registration process
  • Hi-tech facilities including
  • Strategic location
  • Ideal location for SMEs and micro-businesses
  • Close to international airports and major sea ports
  • Special concessions at UAQ’s sea port
  • No restrictions on hiring foreign employees
  • Modern and investor-friendly rules and regulations
Hamriyah Free Zone Authority

The Hamriyah Free Zone Authority is located in United Arab Emirates. It plays an important role in the dynamically developing economy of the region. It has direct access to the Indian Ocean. Here is also located an International Airport.

About the Hamriya Free Zone

The Hamriya Free Zone ( HFZA) was established in 1995 and covers an area of about 22 million square meters, is currently home to various industrial and commercial companies. The proximity to the sea port, the depth of which is 14 meters in this area adds to the attractiveness of transport infrastructure.

The Hamriya Free Zone offers a wide range of advantages:

  • Absolute freedom from taxes and from personal and corporate;
  • The possibility of 100% ownership for foreign investors;
  • The lack of trade quotas and barriers;
  • The possibility of registration of the company: onshore, offshore, local firm;
  • The lack of limits on capital investment.
RAK FTZ (Ras Al KhaimahFtree Trade Zone)

Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone growth and development is most rapid in comparison with other free zones.  It consists of several zones:

Industrial Park: Created for heavy industry development, warehouses and energy production for domestic use.

Business Park: Designed for trading and Services, it consists of 5 buildings.

Technology Park : Created for consumer goods and light industry development.

Aviation Park: Located on the territory of Ras Al Khaimah airport. Its specializations are maintenance and repair.

Educational Park: Located in the business park area.

RAK FTZ began to open its representative offices abroad before the rest. Currently there are representations in USA, India, Germany and Turkey. There are also offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Advantages of RAK FTZ

  • Virtual workplace or virtual office creation;
  • Ready to use office premises;
  • Storage facilities;
  • Short and long term lease land parcels of 5,000 sq m;
  • Accommodations;
  • Kindergarten;
  • Training center.

RAK FTZ licenses types:

  • Commercial License;
  • General Trading License;
  • Industrial License;
  • Consulting and Service License.
Creative City Free zone Fujairah

Creative City was launched in 2007 and sets up professional environment for individuals and businesses working in business fields of Audio Visual, Broadcasting, Media & Marketing, Publishing, Events Management, Media Support, Consultancy, Business Information, Production, Music & Entertainment, Information Technology, Design and Education complementing existing media clusters in the region and further facilitating creativity in all fields.