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Virtual Office

This service allows you to simplify communication with partners, customers and other third parties in the UAE. Virtual Office in the UAE ensures that all requests, phone calls, e-mails are received timely by you and thus you will not miss any important contact. Zenesis Corporation virtual office service can help you to economize a lot. You do not need to organize a physical presence in the UAE, equip your office or hire employees.

Remote working with correspondence can be organized in accordance to your wishes. We can receive and forward it to another address specified by you; we can just store papers until further instructions from you or open and send scanned copies.

Zenesis Corporation guarantees that no letter would be lost, and no call would be missed.

You can be sure that virtual office in the UAE is absolutely confidential. Virtual Office in Dubai is an ideal solution for foreign businessmen, those looking for a prestigious address and a direct Emirate phone number. We provide strong support for any types of companies.

Zenesis Corporation experts can advise you on the virtual office details.