Business consultancy

If you are looking Business registration services a name check is normally done before submission of the company’s documents for incorporation. This is to check the availability of your proposed company name and if it is allowed by the Authority. In addition, the business activity should reflect to the name of your company. For example: if your company is into Trading then the company name must include the word “trading” in the company name.

Commercial License:  is usually a trading license.  This license enables you to import and export goods into the UAE.  If it is a local mainland license, the local emirati will be 51% owner on the license.  Some licenses are reserved only for UAE nationals. 

Industrial License: Manufacturing and Industrial licences are given for companies who convert raw materials into finished goods.  Physical office / factory is needed.  The Dubai Economic Department (DED) license need to have a UAE local with 51% ownership. Other approvals may also be needed.

Professional License: Professional Companies can have 100% foreign ownership and needs an UAE Local national as a local service agent.  These licenses are ideal for consultancies, salons etc. Shareholders of this type of license will have 100% control on all of its operations and keep all of its profit. Any financial obligations will solely be under the responsibility of the sole shareholder

Requirement for the Business Ownership :

Every company needs to have shareholders and they can be either individual or corporate shareholders, subject to the requirements. In case of Corporate shareholders, the company documents needs to be notarized and legalized in the country of origin and then further attested by the Ministry of foreign affairs in UAE

Types of business organization in the UAE

The process of company registration

If a foreign company owner is interested in establishing his business presence in the United Arab Emirates, in accordance with the laws of the UAE, five types organization of business can be offered to him:

  • Permanent establishment – trading companies;
  • Professional company;
  • Foreign companies affiliates;
  • Free Zone Company;
  • Contract with a commercial agent.

Types of Companies in the Free Zones

  • Free Zone Establishment – a company founded by the sole founder;
  • Free Zone Company – an enterprise created by two or more physical or legal founders;
  • Foreign companies affiliates.

It's important that before you set up your business in the UAE you must first determine the type of the company and its structure.  Zenesis Corporation experts will advice you on decision making.

Branch of Foreign Company

Representative Office is suitable for foreign companies wanting to do business in UAE. A branch of a foreign company will serve as like a headquarter office in UAE and will do business following the provisions of the UAE Law.