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Proper bookkeeping is very important in Business. Without it, you take the risk of hitting cash flow crunches, wasting money, and missing out on opportunities to expand. With the introduction of VAT in UAE, it is necessary to keep proper books of accounts which will help with filing the quarterly VAT returns

Whether you are a new company or already have an established business, Zenesis can offer you a convenient bookkeeping solution. We will provide you with qualified bookkeepers and accounting professionals without you needing to hire one on a full-time basis thus lowering your overheads.

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Transfer Of Administration

If you are not satisfied with your current administration, we have all it takes in order for you to transfer the administration duties to experienced specialists of Zenesis Corporation.

Why you should choose us? There are a lot of advantages of partnering with Zenesis Corporation!

  • We have rich experience in the field;
  • The cost of our services is quite low in comparison to other companies;
  • We are familiar with the regional markets;
  • We know how to solve almost every problem, connected with offshore companies’ administration.

We are ready to help you today! Just call Zenesis Corporation and order transfer of administration at affordable prices.

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Company Management, Secretarial And Compliance

Once you have decided to incorporate an offshore company in the UAE, you have to strictly comply with statutory requirements of the country. Zenesis Corporation would provide you with a wide range of administrative services including:

  • Appointment of corporate officers.
  • Sending and receiving correspondence.
  • Formation of contracts, issuing certificate of incorporation, share certificates, Memorandum and Articles of Association, power of attorney or other ownership instruments.
  • Obtaining certificates of good standing.
  • Preparation of board minutes.
  • Formation and delivery of tax returns and annual reports.
  • Informing the owners of offshore companies about current changes in the legislation, procedures and other statements.
  • Providing the offshore company with relevant assistance in statutory compliance issues.

Zenesis Corporation can ensure fast and successful incorporation of an offshore company of any type. We will provide you with all kinds of high quality management and secretarial services.

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License Renewal / Closure

Zenesis can also help you with dubai business license renewal processes for both local and free zone companies. We will make sure that your license is renewed in time to avoid late penalties. If you do not wish to renew, we can help you close the company by giving advance notice and obtaining the required NOC and complying with the cancellation requirements of the relevant authority.

Renewal and Closure of Company License

If you want to get rid of all the problems and inconveniences, connected with the process of getting a business license in Dubai – call us! The specialists of Zenesis Corporation will arrange everything for you! Our lawyers also offer services of freelance business licensing in Dubai. Call us for additional information!

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Nominee Directors / Shareholders

Nominee services for offshore companies involve the provision of physical and sometimes legal entities as nominee Directors and shareholders. The nominee service is usually aimed to ensure the confidentiality of the actual owner of the company.

Why You Should Order Nominee Services

In offshore jurisdictions, registries are usually closed, but when the official request from authorized bodies of the state comes, the register will report data on shareholders and Directors. Also, this information is contained in the official extracts from the register, for example, in the certificate of incumbency, which is sometimes required for submission to various agencies. It is not desirable to mention the name of the real company owner in such documents. In such cases the nominee services is the best way to avoid the problems.

The management of the Affairs of an offshore company, for example, signing of contracts and maintenance of a Bank account can be made either directly by a real Director or the nominee Director.

To order nominee services from experienced specialists of Zenesis Corporation you can call us and get a free consultancy from us!

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Virtual Office

This service allows you to simplify communication with partners, customers and other third parties in the UAE. Virtual Office in the UAE ensures that all requests, phone calls, e-mails are received timely by you and thus you will not miss any important contact. Zenesis Corporation virtual office service can help you to economize a lot. You do not need to organize a physical presence in the UAE, equip your office or hire employees.

Remote working with correspondence can be organized in accordance to your wishes. We can receive and forward it to another address specified by you; we can just store papers until further instructions from you or open and send scanned copies.

Zenesis Corporation guarantees that no letter would be lost, and no call would be missed.

You can be sure that virtual office in the UAE is absolutely confidential. Virtual Office in Dubai is an ideal solution for foreign businessmen, those looking for a prestigious address and a direct Emirate phone number. We provide strong support for any types of companies.

Zenesis Corporation experts can advise you on the virtual office details.

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Attestation Of Documents

Authentication of documents is the procedure of certification of documents to make them valid in the UAE. All Banks and most authorities in UAE need documents to be certified to open bank account or to hold property or to set

up a branch or representative or subsidiary office in UAE. All the company documents have to be certified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Zenesis Corporation experts will advise you about all the details of documents submission in Dubai and will also help you with paperwork.

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Visa / Residency Permit

After obtaining your license, we also help in getting your residence visa. We will assist in making the visa as well as medial and Emirates ID applications, accompanying you for medicals, collecting reports and submitting the documents to the relevant authorities for stamping the visa in the passport. In some cases, we also help in obtaining the family’s visa.

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Bank Account

People and International companies open offshore bank accounts for different reasons:

  • To protect their assets;
  • Minimize taxes;
  • Easy business management;
  • More flexible foreign legislation;
  • High degree of confidentiality and anonymity.

These are just few examples of advantages of foreign bank account. If you want to know more – call our specialists and receive a free consultation from the specialists of Zenesis Corporation.

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