Incorporation process can be stressful and difficult for individuals if they themselves are to do it. Zenesis Corp can help you set up your offshore company or incorporate or form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in any jurisdiction you choose. With Zenesis, we make the process easier, faster and cheaper.

How the process works.

  1. Decide to incorporate. Understanding the benefits of incorporating offshore companies.
  2. Choose Zenesis. Know more about why Zenesis can do it best for you.
  3. Choose type of business of your interest.
  4. Choose a jurisdiction.
  5. Contact us for assistance
  6. Complete our application form and provide due diligence
  7. Check for name availability
  8. Make payment for your Company incorporation
  9. Receive all documents and seal
  10. Open your bank account, branch registration, property acquisition as required.


  1. The completed and signed application form should be mailed to: – Zenesis Corporation, PO Box 117877, Dubai UAE. While processing of the application can start on the basis of a faxed application form, the original must be received by Zenesis by mail/courier.
  2. Please enclose a copy of the passports – duly certified as a true copy by a lawyer, accountant or bank – of all those individuals who will be shareholders/beneficial owners or directors of the company. References and utility bills will be required.
  3. Complete payment is required prior to the incorporation of the entity. Payments can be made by cheque drawn on a AED account or by International money order, bankers’ draft or by direct transfer to our bank accounts which are held with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Dubai Mall Branch, Dubai, Account Number: 6201731156 for payment of invoices denominated in AED or 6201734247 in USD. For correct identification of the payment, all payments made directly to our bank account must bear a clear reference to the proposed company name. Kindly enclose a copy of the details of the bank transfer instructions clearly showing the remitting bank, the date of the transfer and the amount and currency transferred.

Zenesis is a business services company and is not engaged in rendering legal or financial advice. If legal advice or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

Application for Incorporation Services

Country of Origin/Nationality
Telephone No
Mobile No
Email Address
Proposed Business Activity: Do you intend to live and work in UAE?
How many visas do you need? Do you need an office (Flexi Desk / E-Office/ Virtual Office)?If Yes, Size(Area)
Do you want Warehouse / Logistics support?If Yes, Size(Area)
Do you need Admin Support/Email Services?
Do you want to open bank account for the proposed company?
What will be Legal Structure of the Company ?
How soon would you like to incorporate the proposed company?
If more than a month, please specify