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Mauritius, an island covering 1865 square kilometers, is situated some 2000 kilometers off the South East Coast of Africa.  English is the official language but the Mauritians are equally fluent in French. "Creole" is widely spoken in the island.  The official currency of Mauritius is Mauritian Rupee. Types of Companies Global Business Companies (GBC) are companies registered under the Companies Act 2001 and licensed by the Financial Services Commission to conduct international activities with non-residents. There are 2 types of GBC, namely those holding a Category 1 licence and those holding a Category 2 licence. The Category 1 Global Business Company (GBC1) is a tax resident of Mauritius and is therefore liable to tax in Mauritius, but at a concessionary rate. It is eligible for benefits from the network of Double Tax Treaties (DTTs) that Mauritius has ratified with a number of countries. It can thus be an effective corporate vehicle for international tax planning. The Global Business Company Category 2 (GBC2) replaced the old International Company under the Companies Act 2001. The GBC2 is ideal for international trading, invoicing, licensing, international consultancy business and is often used to hold investments or other assets. The regulatory framework has recently been updated and GBC2 companies are now governed by the Companies Act 2001 (“the Companies Act”) and the Financial Services Development Act 2001 (“the FSD Act”).