CooperationMany successful businessmen understand that the expansion of their enterprise is essential for success. That is why many of them turn to our company for help for offshore company formation services in UAE. This is so because of the lowest corruption level in the emirate, zero per cent tax and some other moments, like:

  • The possibility to open special offshore bank accounts in UAE;
  • No fees for export or import of goods;
  • The ability to invest your money in property, without being a resident of UAE.

These are just a few moments among a wide range of advantages, offered to businessman by the government of the emirate.

Unfortunately, if you have an offshore company in Dubai it doesn’t mean that you will get residence visa. If you want it – take a look at the service that offers a company registration in one of the Free Economic Zones of the emirate, also offered by our company.

Starting an Offshore Company

Professional teamOne of the advantages of starting an offshore company in UAE is the possibility to open bank accounts here. Nowadays the bank system in UAE is well developed and offers a wide range of services for foreign investors. With the help of our business-consultants you will be able to open your own bank account here within a week!

If you want to start an offshore company in UAE – don’t hesitate! Call us today and the specialists of Zenesis Corporation will do their best to help you! Professional consultations, experienced staff, and affordable prices – these are the first advantages of cooperation with our company. If you want to know more – call us today!