Business consulting

We at Zenesis Corp provide complete company incorporation, administration and management services in UAE and all major jurisdictions of the world. We help you choose the right jurisdiction/ free zone depending on the type of activity, number of employees, office requirements etc.  - From company name to company structure, business activity and suitable Free zone to choose up to visa processing.

Services for Mainland & Free zone & Offshore

We are assisting clients for Mainland, Free Zone and Offshore – from collecting due diligence documents from clients to checking availability of name, activity, drafting memorandum and Articles of association as well as special resolutions that may be required ie setting up branch or subsidiary, opening of banks accounts, appointing directors, shareholders and manager, issuing power of attorney.

PRO Services Consultation

PRO services would include license renewals, visa applications/ medicals and stamping. Applying for dependents and maids visa in some cases

Visa services Consultation

Visa application in UAE is quite difficult if you are not aware of the process. It is also confusing as the requirements keep changing. We at Zenesis Corporation can help you to sort this issue. We provide information on the various stages in visa application and stamping, the documents needed and time required for application, medicals and stamping. We provide the whole assistance for the visa process. From visa application, medical test, biometrics and eye-scan for emirates ID, getting a medical insurance if needed for the Free zone up to passport stamping.

Working with business consultant

Local Sponsors Consultation

Local companies need to have a local Emirati person as  a 51% holder for trading companies or as a service agent for professional licenses.  We can be provided reputed and reliable people as well as corporate sponsors

Bank Account Opening Consultation

We deal with many banks for account opening and depending on the clients requirements for business banking, we can offer local as well as international banks. Most of the banks require the copy of following

Documents for bank account opening: Company License, MOA&AOA, Shares Certificate, Board Resolution, recent bank statement, CV of the shareholder/s. Additional documents may be required, on a case by case basis