ThoughtsThe land from oriental fairy tales – that’s what the United Arab Emirates seem to be at the first gaze. However, it is also a land of the future if we take into account its economic potential, impressive infrastructure, amazing roads, construction and architectural wonders, luxury hotels, shopping center and modern offices. The most important thing is the high standard of living. The tale attracts tourists, investors, entrepreneurs and business opportunities to the UAE.

Why You Should Open a Company in Dubai

Our OffersSpecial zones (free zones) were established in the UAE in order to facilitate foreign businesses entry into the market of the country. There is perfect infrastructure for business established in the free zones. It is easy to get long-term residence permits for entrepreneurs and their employees. Those who want to start doing business in the Emirates should thoroughly study the customs of the country, the rules of negotiation, as well as respect the moral, psychological and religious peculiarities of the region.

In business, like in real life, relations are of great importance. It is often not easy to find a reliable supplier as well as a potential customer, especially if you are going to take on a new market. Having a great experience of doing business in the UAE, we know all the peculiarities of the local market and can help you to quickly adapt to a little-known environment. Setting up a company in the UAE is a troublesome process, which takes a lot of time and effort. If you do not know how to launch a business in Dubai and where to start, contact Zenesis Corporation!

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